In the spotlight #2

Spotlight #2

Today in the spotlight we present a very nice video showing some fresh WoP 1.6 game play made by GameBoom, a community content driven web site for gamers who like free games. The video starts with fighting PaddyBell and her sisters BadPaddy and PaddyBee in oregano4’s Plane. Second part of the video presents the game mode CTL and the powerups in Kai’s FridgeWars.

Furthermore we have noted some activities concerning Let’s Show/Play/Test regrading World of Padman in general. Some are really funny. All are in German language. Here is a list:

If you find similar stuff online, which should be presented here on the front page, drop us a line in the forum. Also the featured picture needs an update from time to time, so feel free to submit your WoP pictures. Every contribution is welcome.

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