FAQ, interview and more

PlanetQuake.com (US) | 21/01/2012

Some people may have noticed that we started a FAQ sub-forum in our forum, which is also linked here in the main menu on the left side of our website. The goal is to gather all the frequently asked questions from the community and to answer them in one place. So if you are new to the World of Padman and you need help with, for example, how to install a patch or how to colour your nick name in game, this should be the first place to look at. We hope to fill up the threads with more questions and answers soon.

The Happy Friar, the man in charge of PlanetQuake.com, got some time to interview me about World of Padman. There you can find some information about the history, the development of the game in the past and what’s new in the WoP 1.6 patch release. Also we show off some little information about future plans and community events.

Last but not least: congratulations to the ASK clan for winning its second clan war against the Los clan last Sunday. There were three matches:

  • Capture the Lolly InstaPad on PadAsia: ASK – Los –> 2 : 1
  • Team Free For All InstaPad on PadKitchen: ASK – Los –> 80 : 50
  • Team Free For All on Huette: ASK – Los –> 80 : 38

PadWorld Entertainment was providing the server. If you need support for events like this, feel free to ask us. We also offer clans the possibility to have their own private forum in the World of Padman forum.

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