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The following list should help you to get an overview about the map objects used in World of Padman, which are located in the directory /models/mapobjects/. You can find additional information about the topic in the tutorial Handling map objects. raven_sitting_1 Model author: doomdragon Skin author: doomdragon Polygon count: ??? Path: models/mapobjects/animated/raven_sitting_1.MD3 Keys: animationStart 0; […]

Entity misc_model mit ASE-Format und Key spawnflag 4 für die Lichtberechnung Mapping

Handling map objects

In this tutorial I would like to show you how to insert and customize map objects in your map. I will confine myself here to the common formats MD3 and ASE. But before you get started, you should ensure that you have World of Padman installed correctly in the current version. Also the Q3Map2 compiler […]