On October 4th of 2013 the World of Padman BOINC team already has crossed the magical 1.5 million credits line. It took the team a couple of years to achieve this goal. If you remember, we reported about the 1 million credits milestone back in early 2008. Man that's a long time ago. The team's activities have been running low since then.
The WoP BOINC team was founded in 2006 with a list of several projects like Climate Prediction, Einstein@Home, SETI@Home to point out some of them. The idea behind is to bring existing BOINC users and the World of Padman community together as one team. If you are running a BOINC client feel free to join the team.
Further information can be found by looking into the BOINC thread of our community forum or by visiting our World of Padman profile on BOINCstats.com to get a complete overview over all running projects. We are excited to watch the team achieving 2 million credits. Happy number crunching!
The WoP clans LF and ASK had an open clan fight with the support of free members from the World of Padman community and finally here are the results.

  • Match 1: Team Free For All (InstaPad) on Harm's Huette --> L|F won 200 to 147
  • Match 2: Capture The Lolly on ENTE's PadAsia --> L|F won 10 to 1
  • Match 3: Spray Your Color Team on ENTE's PadKitchen --> L|F won 510 to 370
  • Match 4: Team Free For All on ENTE's PadLibrary --> L|F won 200 to 148

Looks like LF dominated all the matches. Sauerbraten made a whole bunch of screen shots for you to download and Poison was able to capture some game play and to put it online: match 1 | match 2 p1 | match 3 p2 | match 2 p3 | match 2 p4 | match 2 p5 | match 3 p1.
Picture 312Picture 313Picture 314Picture 315Picture 316Picture 317Picture 318Picture 319Picture 320

We hope to see such community events coming up more often. Thumbs up for this.
ENTE recently started a new channel DuckWire on YouTube where he's showing off several video games he likes. He also started to create World of Padman gameplay tutorials, because most people demoing WoP in Let's Plays or other presentations only scratch the surface of the game without showing its unique gameplay and the concepts behind it.

There are four videos online at the moment. The first and second video introduce the menu and most important options, the ingame menus, HUD and some of the basic gameplay stuff. The third and fourth video focus on the gametypes "Spray Your Color" and "Capture the Lolly".

More videos like this are coming up very soon, presenting more of the World of Padman. Maybe one day ENTE will be able to provide subtitles in English language for all those non German players out there. We hope you like it and it helps to score while playing World of Padman online or against bots.
Gronkh and Sarazar, famous for their Let's Play Together shows and YouTube-channels here in Germany, recently played World of Padman. You can watch the recorded live-stream of the show at MyVideo.de. They present in the third part of the video the maps PadShop and Backyard and the game modes Free For All and Spray Your Color. The videos are in German language.

The World of Padman development team and the entire community wants to thank Gronkh, Sarazar and their team for presenting the game. For all new players, please make sure to install the WoP 1.6 patch before trying to play online. Also check ENTEs video message at IchPackeAus showing off some historical facts about World of Padman. Enjoy!
A couple of days ago ModDB celebrated its 10th birthday and ten years is a very long lifetime compared to other websites. Unbelievable, no one had heard of Facebook or even Twitter at that time. For some of us, being members of ModDB since 2002, we have witnessed the different designs and development stages of the good old Mod Database up to its current appearance and improvements plus the spin-offs IndieDB and Desura.

ModDB v3 anno 2005ModDB v2 anno 2004ModDB v1 anno 2002

In the 10 years of ModDB history the community has reached a million members, more than 80,000 news posts have been released, 30,000 downloads and 25,000 videos have been added to the site. The first news posting on our ModDB game profile page is dated August 19th 2002 and was released exactly 10 years ago by ENTE. It's about a new comment function on ModDB and Scott Reismanis aka INtense! and founder of ModDB was the first in line commenting it.

We wish Scott and his team all the best for the upcoming 10 years of ModDB.
GamesCom 2010

Three crazy members (watch the photo) of the World of Padman development team met at GamesCom in Cologne, the biggest international gaming expo of Europe, back in 2010. Two years later doomdragon, ENTE and Kai will meet there again on Thursday, August 16th. If you'll join the gaming masses too, watch out for those blue shirts with the WoP icon on it. If you like, don't hesitate to get in contact with us. Maybe you have to search a little, because we are there as simple visitors like you and everyone else. It would be nice to meet some community members or WoP fans. See you there and come back visiting our website a few days later. We will prepare some expo-report for you.
There is a new comic out there in the World Wide Web, created by our talented model artist Sebastian Henke aka doomdragon. It's an all ages comic about a cute little girl with the name Ashley Appletree. The first slides introduce Ashley and here family moving into a new house in Swampton. There she stumbles upon adventures and discovers something supernatural.

Ashley Appletree by Sebastian Henke

Sebastian shows off a wonderful and great sense of humour which keeps you smiling for sure. The comic slides have a three to six panel structure, which are more or less connected to each other from time to time. Sebastian releases his lovely comic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You should go checking it out immediately or follow him on Twitter for news and updates. Thumbs up for this!
Some may have missed it: several very nice quake engine based games had a major release during the last couple of weeks. These games are like World of Padman real free to play indie games, started as small projects, are in development for years now and open source for sure. All of them are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and for sure they are worth a showcase!

WarsowSmokin' Guns

07/30/2012 - Warsow recently got a release in version 1.0. It's the first release outside the beta stage and its engine is an improved mix of id-Tech 2 and 3 source code. It is a completely free and fast-paced first-person shooter which is focused on speed and movement. Since a couple of releases it has changed to a futuristic cyberpunk theme in a more cartoonish style without hard graphical violence. It's a game for competitive e-sports and casual play.[/quote]

06/08/2012 - Our friends from Smokin' Guns released version 1.1 of their standalone first person shooter, based on the Quake 3 Arena modification Western Quake³. This Total Conversion is powered by the ioQuake3 engine and after a couple of beta versions and release candidates the first major release after more then 3 years. Game types and maps are inspired mostly from western styled movies and try to recreate the great atmosphere of those. It's full of new features, content and fun so give it a try.

Alien ArenaUFO: AI

05/07/2012 - COR Entertainment released version 7.60 of their fast-paced first-person shooter Alien Arena: Reloaded Edition. This major release contains a lot of new content and features like new gameplay elements, weaponry, characters and more renderer/client improvements. It is powered by the CRX gaming engine which had it's origin in the id-Tech 2 engine but received very signifigant upgrades in recent releases. Somehow I have the feeling that one of our Killerducks got involved in the development of the new spider weapon.

04/25/2012 - The UFO: Alien Invasion development team released version 2.4 of their game. It brings a dozen of new maps, speed improvements behind the scenes, new particle, sound, smoke and incendiary effects. UFO: AI is a tactical squad shooter and earth survival strategy game in the tradition of the old X-COM PC games and based on a heavily modified id-Tech 2 engine.
Mapping Contest extended

Hey folks, long time no see. It's been a while since we released our last news item and it shows you that the handful of WoP team members are quiet busy these days. We like to thank you for all those emails, PMs and maps you have sent in but we really would like to take the time to present all the maps at our web page and to offer the time for the community to test and to improve them. That's why we decided to rearrange the schedule for the WoP Community Mapping Contest 2012. To do its name justice, we'd still like to finish it within 2012. This is the new schedule.

  • October 20st 2012 - last day of accepting map entries (deadline)
  • October 21st 2012 - start of official community testing on servers and voting
  • November 18th 2012 - end of community voting and testing phase
  • December 2nd 2012 - showcase of the best community maps and release of the final community map pack

Within the upcoming weeks we will start to check if all the already submitted maps fullfill the requirements and put them on the contest server for the community to test. Stay tuned, and sorry for the delay.
torhu, a programmer from Norway and member of the Smokin' Guns development team, recently released version 0.8a of his Monster Browser. It's a simple game server browser for Quake 3 based games (and mods) like Smokin' Guns, Urban Terror, Tremulous and fully supports World of Padman now. It uses QStat to query the servers. Currently it only runs on Windows, but might someday support other platforms. (It should run under Linux by using Wine). For all changes please read the Changelog. This little tool is still in development. Check it out!

Monster Browser 0.8a supports World of Padman

By the way, the second release candidate of Smokin Guns v1.1 (RC2) for Windows and Linux operating systems is available to the public for testing. You should definitely give it a try. Have fun.