Articles by Kai-Li

DuckWire YouTube channel News

Who is DuckWire?

ENTE is reviving his YouTube channel DuckWire. He established it already years ago and uploaded some tutorials for the World of Padman game, as we reported here, but never continued…

[PAD]DAY #1 2018 News

A huge success!

The first [PAD]DAY this year was a huge success and so will be the upcoming one. A big thanks for joining and spending time with friends. All together 37 players…

[PAD]DAY Revival News

[PAD]Day Revival

As Christmas is coming, we want to bring a small present to all of us and to rebuild the [PAD]Community with reviving the good old [PAD]DAY. But this time we…

Neurological website News is back

Nicola Capecci aka Neurological relaunched his website early this year after some time of being under construction. Nicola is an Italian game musician responsible for producing soundtracks and remixes…

WoP new website 2016 News

WoP website back online

World of Padman has a home address again. The official website is back online and accessible under the domain It is a complete new design respecting the appearance and…

ENTEs Welt 2016 News in a new design

It must be a couple of weeks since ENTE released his website in a complete new design, because the first news item was already made on October 25th in 2016….