WoP team back in action

WoP team in 2021

Almost 10 years after the last patch and shortly after the 14th birthday of the WoP standalone, the core of the WoP team came together last night to discuss a further development of World of Padman, which was then decided. Yes, you read correctly, the development of World of Padman will be revived! The story continues!

The ball was set rolling when Martin Gerhardy, one of the developers of UFO: Alien Invasion contacted us and surprised us with fresh WoP binaries (64bit) for all three operating systems, i.e. Windows, Linux and MacOS, based on the latest version of ioquake3. Considering that version 1.6 of WoP runs on a now 10-year-old ioquake3 base, this would have been at the top of our to-do list for a new patch. We had almost forgotten that Martin wanted to support us with the 1.6 patch of WoP in 2011, but unfortunately the contact broke off at that time. So it’s great that we’re getting together again now.

Of course, we don’t want to keep you in suspense too much, but we also don’t want to reveal everything right away. Apart from clarifying organisational matters for the resumption of development, the WoP team has now decided on the following.

  1. First of all there will be a small but hopefully short term release of a version 1.6.1 for World of Padman. This will be a pure maintenance release, so there will be no new content, but bug fixes. The aim is to make WoP run on all operating systems again as quickly as possible. Since MacOS has not supported 32bit programs for a long time, WoP is no longer executable there.
  2. In the long term, a new version 1.7 is planned, in which there will also be new contents and features. Of course, we don’t want to tell you what these are yet. However, we will report on this at the right time.

In order to simplify the installation process in the future, the coming versions will again be available as a full release. This means that you will no longer need to install the full version of WoP 1.5 and patch it afterwards.

That’s it from us for now. Stay healthy! Your WoP team