20 Years of ENTE’s PadGallery deLuxe

ENTE's PadGallery deLuxe (Q3A)

20 years ago today, ENTE released a heavily revised version of his original third PadMap, PadGallery deLuxe for Quake 3 Arena. It is very different from the first version, bigger, more colorful, more detailed and simply much better. Of course, ENTE has remained true to his original concept, as it is still an image gallery.

The reason for the new release of the map was the then and still legendary PADMAN skin contest, in which the [PAD]Community was allowed to present their self-created skins for the PADMAN player model to a jury. Even Paul Jaquays, who was still working at id at the time, agreed to sit on the jury. And so, among the many entries, Redlemon’s Corporal Padishment was chosen as the best skin and can still be admired today on the large PADMAN statue in the center of the map. Other artwork by Redlemons can be seen in the same room. By the way, the corridors to this room are also decorated with all skins submitted by the community at that time.

ENTE’s PadGallery deLuxe and Redlemons’ Corporal Padishment

ENTE’s PadGallery deLuxe and Redlemons’ Corporal Padishment

One room in the PadGallery deLuxe ENTE dedicated to Jennifer Love Hewitt, because he was a big fan at the time, and shows corresponding pictures. However, ENTE did not leave it at that and created nine more alternative galleries for this part of the map, six of which are dedicated to other well-known personalities, such as Angelina Jolie, Catherine Bell, George Clooney, Denise Richards, Jeri Lynn Ryan, Meredith Salenger, Christina Ricci, and Verona Feldbusch. Three other galleries have erotic themes. However, only one of these galleries can be displayed at a time.

For the musical background of the PadGallery deLuxe, there are two more pieces of music, one slow and one rather funky, by Ronny, from the Swedish band Dieselkopf. However, only one of the two pieces can be played at a time. Thanks to Harmonieman and kARMU we can link all files, except for the erotic galleries, to the corresponding PadGallery page again.

PadGallery was subsequently released by ENTE’s PadPacks for the PadMod and also for the World of Padman standalone, and was significantly revised again with each release. Thanks to Chavez from Haus Enten you will soon be able to play PadGallery deLuxe again on the PadHouse server for the 20th anniversary. All you need to play is an original and at best fresh installed Quake 3 Arena with the last point release 1.32c or ioquake3. You should definitely join the server with “autodownload” enabled, so you are guaranteed to get the same files the server has.

However, we are happy to take you on a journey through time once again with our picture gallery. We limit ourselves to the deLuxe version and its successors, since the predecessors for Quake 3 Arena and Elite Force have already been presented in an earlier 20 Years Feature.