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Back in 2012, Cyrri set up an account on GitHub for the WoP team, at that time mainly with the goal of making the source code of World of Padman freely available to everyone according to the specifications of the GPL2. Previously, this was done on SourceForge, ModDB and of course with each WoP release, which also included the source code. However, the actual development of the WoP standalone originally took place in an SVN repository, which has since been made available to us by Thilo.

With the resumption of development of World of Padman this year, we have now fully migrated to GitHub. This offers us so many advantages, as many of the repositories from which the code for World of Padman is built can already be found there. This includes ioquake3, of course, but also important tools like the BSPC compiler for the bot support of the maps. You will now find the following repos:

  • worldofpadman – Contains the current development branch with engine and game code of World of Padman. Here you can contribute directly to the development of WoP.
  • wop-mapeditor-support – Contains the support packages for level editors like GtkRadiant and NetRadiant, currently supporting mainly Net/GtkRadiant 1.5.
  • bspc – Contains the compiler for bot support with the adjustments necessary for WoP maps, so that the bots can find their way around, especially in the game mode Spray Your Color.
  • wop-gamesource – Source code archive of WoP 1.6 based on the last development state of the old SVN repository.

Via GitHub you now have the possibility to follow the further development of World of Padman and to support us directly. If you notice bugs, you can always post them under issues in the  worldofpadman repo. You will be informed directly when fixes are available. You can also see what new features we are planning for future versions. If you want to actively support us in fixing bugs now, you can also fork our repo and offer patches yourself via pull requests.

Besides that, the development of the planned engine update for the upcoming WoP version 1.6.1 is progressing in rapid steps and we hope to be able to start beta testing very soon. And now quickly to the PadWorld server, because Padday has already begun!