World of Padman 1.6.1 (beta) released

World of Padman 1.6.1 (beta)

Good morning PadWorld! After 6 weeks of intensive work we can now offer you the first beta of the upcoming version 1.6.1 of World of Padman for download. If you already have WoP version 1.5 or newer installed, you only need to download the 120MB patch. You can also download the 1GB full release if you want to start with a fresh new installation.

As already announced, this version is planned as a maintenance release to make WoP executable on all three operating systems again as quickly as possible. Since MacOS has not supported 32bit applications for a long time, WoP was not executable there until today. We have tried to update the codebase extensively and to fix most bugs, including many previously undiscovered ones (see changelog.txt in XTRAS). The most obvious ones are:

  • Crash mostly on TrashMap and PadGarden
  • FLOATER holdable does not emit sound
  • Music playlist always starts with first song when changing map

In particular, however, we are having trouble reproducing the very annoying CTL bug, where the bots come to a stop and camp on the lolly spawn points after long periods of gameplay. We hope for your support and feedback here, as with all other bugs.

The now published beta version must be tested extensively by you. We will soon offer an appropriately marked beta test server and start open beta tests, also in the context of the monthly Padday. At the same time, this version remains compatible with older WoP 1.6 servers, so you do not need a parallel installation of the previous version.

Have fun! Your WoP Team