Articles by Kai-Li

ENTE's PadGarden in 2006 News

PadGarden revised

Here is a sneaky peak of the revised PadGarden from ENTE, which he hopes to finish in the next few days. The map will then be tested before being released as part of the stand alone game. As you can see, new textures and models have improved the quality of the map, making it more […]

ENTE in an interview

ENTE has done it again and has become the talk of the town. The Mönchengladbach city newspaper Extra-Tipp asked ENTE for an interview. This is mainly about ENTE’s art works when he is not working on WoP. So if you want to know more about the inventor of Padman and his PadWorld, you will find […]

Watergun Assassination Tournament

Here is something “funny” of the other kind or maybe not?!? The note comes from this Slashdot article. In London you currently can participate in the StreetWars Watergun Assassination Tournament. The goal is to find alone or in a team a predefined target person and to shoot it down with the help of water pistols, […]

PadCast via iTunes News

PadWorld Entertainment PadCast

PadWorld Entertainment goes PodCasting … PadCasting! The WoP movies have been converted to 320 x 240 H.264 video with ACC Stereo Audio (M4V files) to be compatible with iTunes and Video iPod. iTunes and Quicktime are available free from Apple, for Mac or PC.   (Translation by IG)

The WoP League is growing!

If you’re wondering what the WoP League is all about, you should drop by the League page. There you have the opportunity to organize for online games in teams and to hold matches with each other. At the moment 24 PADs have organized in 5 teams to compete against each other. At the moment we […]