Beta testers wanted!

WoP 1.5 beta tests

It is time to start beta testing the upcoming version 1.5 of the World of Padman stand alone game. We know that development is not yet finished, and there is still work to be done during the next few weeks, but one day we will have to start testing our baby. Now it is up to you. We need a couple of hard working beta testers helping us to assure the quality of the upcoming release. As you know, testing is not just playing the game, it is hard work, for you, and for us. So if you are interested in just playing the game this is not for you. Please check the following list, there you will find what you need and what we expect from you:

  • Time for at least one or two test sessions a week, starting on the evening of Sunday, November 6th.
  • A good and fast internet connection for downloading and updating test files.
  • Knowledge about using our bug tracker and an account there. Take your time there for creating some detailed bug reports.
  • You need an account in our community board. Most of the communication and coordination will be done there.
  • We will start testing features of the Desura game distribution system, so you need an account on This is optional at the moment.
  • For every beta test, there will be prepared test cases. Be able to follow instructions and focus on the tasks.

If you are interested in supporting us, feel free to drop me a line by sending a private message to Kai-Li in our community forum. We are really excited about your thoughts on World of Padman 1.5.

Update: The beta test group is full. Thanks for everyone who was interested. We hope to see you after the release.