WoP team needs your help!

We, the World of Padman team, need some helping hands to finish the upcoming release of version 1.5. That is why we offer three positions in our team. We all work on this project in our spare time and we offer no payment but honour and glory. 😉

Find more information in every description.

1. Female announcer voice: We are looking for a new female announcer voice. In the end of this posting you will find some sound samples to get some impressions. If you think you are a talented and suitable voice actress, check our job offer at moddb.com.

2. Character animator: We are still looking for a talented character animator who has experience with animating id-Tech 3 based MD3 player models. We have a couple of models which need fixes or to be animated completely. If you think you could help us, check our job offer here on moddb.com.

3. News & community manager: Knowing your community is an important key to success. Writing high quality news postings to keep the people informed is very important too. Making both and developing the game at the same time is a little too much for us. That is why we need you. Check our job offer here on moddb.com.

Thanks for reading and spreading our requests. Your PadWorld Entertainment team.