Indie of the Year 2010 awards have already started!

Indie of the Year 2010

IndieDB launched the Indie of the Year Awards for 2010 a few days ago. A total of 15 days will be run the first phase of the voting, the so-called Players Choice, to decide which indie game will make it into the top 50. This year, the annual MotY Awards were split, in mods on ModDB and indie games on IndieDB. So we will compete against over 500 published indie games. Therefore, it is up to you to choose us among the top 50 by the 30th of November. Check out our game profile and click on the big vote button.

A rule of competition states that the quality of a vote decides. This means that e.g. the voice of a longtime member counts more than that of a new member, which is more than the voice of a guest on IndieDB. So you should have an account before you vote. If you already have a ModDB account, you can log in to IndieDB too. To look at some statistics, you should also take a look at the scoreboard. Vote for us and tell it on. 😉

Vote for us in the 2010 Indie of the Year Awards