A huge success!

[PAD]DAY #1 2018

The first [PAD]DAY this year was a huge success and so will be the upcoming one. A big thanks for joining and spending time with friends. All together 37 players joined Hectic’s Server in the evening.

BadPaddy, Atta{HUN}, Adri{HUN}, Happy Death, rikaki, yogurtur, [HEART], dravin, >dolli<, -=Shaw=-, Ben, SirDrinkaLot, Fanni{HUN}, Lollek, PadWolf, TalkLounge, RUBBER-DUCK, blu, -StArKiLlEr-, .:L|F:.Iltis, [TUSHI], RenamedPlayer 1, Hectic, 3aTmE!, Mini, dopik, .:L|F:.Sauerbraten, Kai-Li, PadPlayer, -DeAdShOt-, Maleen, Koopa, studiOmatic, SonicMattster, Shadow, dArTh3Km(RoMaNiA), ZoleeG.

Adri{HUN} captured and edited a video with fresh footage from the first [PAD]DAY of 2018. A big thanks for putting this together!

The next [PAD]DAY will take place 4th of February, 07:00 pm (CET)! See you there!


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