Lightsmark benchmark (source: http://dee.cz/lightsmark) News

Lightsmark featuring PadAttic

Not only PadWorld Entertainment is working all night on a product for your pleasure. There is also Stepan Hrbek working on a lighting benchmark called Lightsmark. This multi platform benchmark has now been released in a first version and shows, how light and shadow are rendered in real time and the difference between types of […]

linux-gamers.net live DVD News

WoP goes Linux live DVD

In a decidedly good effort to make Linux even less daunting to the general public, the project linux-gamers.net recently released its first “boot ‘n play” Linux live DVD 0.9.2. It was created with the idea to present Linux games in a novel way at this year’s LinuxTag exhibition in Berlin. The purpose was to create […]

Rheinische Post (DE) | 08/09/2007 News

WoP in the Rheinische Post

A few days ago ENTE conducted an interview with Carola Siedentop, a reporter who was on the lookout for interesting articles for the big daily newspaper Rheinische Post. In a very pleasant interview, which took almost two hours, she did not just ask a few questions about World of Padman, but even played a round […]

Padman spotted in Poland!

Just a quick note. Quite recently we found out that our little game was mentioned in an issue of the Polish CHiP magazine some time ago. Sadly we did not understand any word written in the article, but we are very happy about it. Let us say welcome to new PadPlayers from Poland.

GIGA Games (DE) | 21/07/2007 News


A while ago Harmonieman made a detour into the wonderful world of television in order to present WoP on German MTV, ENTE of course did not want to fall behind and accepted an invite to visit GIGA TV. So last week he packed his bag and drove to the GIGA studio in Cologne in order […]

Padman fights in Brazil

Our little game found its way to Brazil, or more exactly the way to Brazil is through the Brazilian Gamers Pro Magazine. Unfortunately we do not understand that completely, but they wrote “nice” over our “World of Padman” and kindly sent us (beside a copy of the article and the covers) the following information: Good […]

Review and award

Some of you might have noticed that the guys from ModDB took our little game to have a closer look at it. The result is a nice small review (web archive), which describes World of Padman in a positive way. Besides this, we have been awarded the Good Ideas Award. We are really happy about […]

WoP modding – InstaGib

After ENTE released his PadPack that gave the WoP community more content, the community is working on some new stuff as well. Forum readers may already know, that a server with a mod made by paulR is running at the IP for some time now. paulR made some great work and integrated the game […]

ENTE’s PadPack released – a first map pack

It is done, we bring to you a first map package with three new maps for World of Padman. ENTE himself revised three maps from old Quake 3 Arena days again. ENTE’s PadPack contains PadGallery, PadCastle and PadCrash. Even though these maps are not Lilliput style maps, they promise and deliver quality construction and fantastic […]