WoP 1.5 release News

WoP 1.5 ready for downloading!

You had to wait a long time, far too long already. But now the time has come. WoP in version 1.5 is available for download, for Windows and Linux. Unfortunately the Mac users have to wait a little bit longer unfortunately, but rest assured, we have not forgotten you! We had planned to publish WoP […]

Community advent calendar – door 23

You will get presents tomorrow, so the 23rd always appears eternal. To fill this eternity, Phobos is finally releasing its map Pokernight. The map was already announced in various forums, but there were only screenshots to see and a there was no beta yet. But now the wait is over. At least for the WoP […]

Community advent calendar – door 20

It won’t take long and Christ child is at your doorstep. With cakes and biscuits you can gradually get into the mood for Christmas and the contemplative days. But until then, let us shorten the waiting time with another PadDay. Since very few of you want to play on Christmas Eve, we suggest first Wednesday, […]

BamBam sleeping News

Community advent calendar – door 19

The Sherlock Holmes among you could read in this news that there is another powerup in the new Capture The Lolly game type. Without knowing it, you have already seen this powerup. Do not you remember? Maybe you did not know it, but you already saw the new icon, that will follow you in the […]

Community advent calendar – door 18

So what will today’s door reveal to you? Well, it is a new head model made by Pixelmännchen! He has made a Padman head model with a Santa hat for you all to enjoy! To use it, go to the player setup menu and select a character. Then hit the key ~ or Shift+Esc to […]

Community advent calendar – door 17

Listen closely! Our community member Fabianzauberer made this amazing and colourful wallpaper by himself. Especially the winter needs some more colour, so give Padman a chance to conquer your desktop. Just download it and you will never forget playing some rounds of World of Padman.

eSport school championship News

WoP as the first ego shooter at school championships

We have already mentioned that World of Padman is “rated 12+” now by the German USK, but why the whole thing? Simply because the shooter should be considered at the upcoming 5th eSport School Championship (German only) and is thus the first shooter ever, which is played at these championships. The German Games School Championship […]

Industrial Puppet by Dieselkopf News

Community advent calendar – door 15

Together with WoP 1.5, you will not only get a new game, but also a new album from Dieselkopf, which contains some of the well-known but also completely new songs. For the skeptics among you there are two songs to listen to! Rock through WoP 1.5 with this extra pack. PadRobot by Dieselkopf – Indie […]

Holiday by nestel34 News

Community advent calendar – door 14

Even nestel34 did something during Christmas time. Maybe not everyone knows him, but he is a talented mapper in the wide circle of the community. With his Holidays map, he shows us how good Christmas time is. There are some presents under a Christmas tree, everything is more or less tidied up, and some innocent […]