ModDB MotY 2008 Awards announced

A few days ago ModDB announced their annual Mod of the Year Awards which goes into round seven in 2008. Like known from the last years the event will proceed in three phases. In phase one, starting from January 2nd to January 16th of 2009, you are able to nominate your favourite game mods and […]


New weapon for the InstaGib mode disclosed!

As Christmas Eve gets closer and closer, the developers of World of Padman present us more and more red-hot news. Today we would like to introduce to you the iNjECTOR, which was made for the InstaGib mode only. The iNiECTOR will fire like the SPLASHER, but the shot frequency will be higher, so that you […]

Community PadAwards News

We are proud of our community!

Our fantastic [Pad]Community organised and managed their first PadAward presentation. Community member Padmichi started the project with a call, which many joined soon. Our thanks goes to Phobos and PaDbUrY for creating a very nice theatre map. The winners of the first Community PadAwards is SEK as the best clan and WOL league as the […]

1on1 InstaGib cup in January

On the third of January the year 2009 starts the second 1on1 InstaGib cup. Everyone who is interested in participating in the cup is free to join. But be quick, the maximum participants is set to only 32 people. “And what do you have to do if you want to take part?” Well, you have […]

PadPunk News

PadPunk enters the stage

The World of Padman is different: funny, colourful and … hey, well just different! That is exactly what the newest resident of our colourful PadWorld also wants to be. He wants to stand out from the crowd. Guess who fits the part, it is the rebel PadPunk. But even if he tries to be different, […]

X-Mas mod for WoP News

Ho ho ho!

Let’s start with the bad news. Unfortunately WoP 2.0 won’t make it this year, as you may have already guessed by the lack of news. I can’t give you a new release date yet but I can assure you we’re going to do the best we can to get it done as soon as possible. […]

Federal state cup

The first German federal state cup has a winner! The first federal state cup of our community has a winner: The team NRW1 with Marxer as the leader can be named from now on “best federal state-team” – until the next cup. Since November 7th several teams competed for a week for entry to the […]

Iron Grip: Warlord News

Iron Grip: Warlord released

Iron Grip: Warlord, an arcade styled game with a setting in the Iron Grip universe was released last week. It is an id Tech 3 engine based game and the first commercial released game made by ISOTX. These guys are well known for a whole bunch of mods for a couple of games in the […]

Toby's Room News

Toby’s Room

Today we would like to show you a map, which is already has been circulating. Namely the map Toby’s Room, made by Toby who recreated over months his own room in a virtual world. On this map you can duel with a dozen other Pads to see who is dominant in Toby’s Room. You have […]