ModDB MotY 2009 Awards already started

A few days ago ModDB announced their annual Mod of the Year Awards. Again, like previous years the event will proceed in three phases. Phase one has already started and runs until January 5th of 2010, you are able to nominate your favourite game mods and independent games titles of 2009 for the Top 100 […]

The WoP team on Twitter

You might already have found one or two members of the WoP Team on Twitter. Now we have added a shared account for all team members which you can find on @world_of_padman. Twitter allows us to share some smaller bits of information about anything that is happening around World of Padman, or in the life […]

2009 X-Mas mod for WoP News

2009 X-Mas mod for WoP released

Another year, still no WoP 2.0. But a new version of the X-Mas mod to save the day! (And maybe a year, at least the month.) We could even call it X-Mas WoP 2.0, but the X-Mas team really is not organized enough to have any version numbers for the mod. The mod changes several […]

We got a new forum

Word on WoP 2.0 is still very low, but we always keep the community and the things beside the development on the game in mind and that is why we have worked on the forum. This is an all new board, based on new board-software. There are multiple reasons for this change, but security issues […]

6 questions to a PadMember – Smiley

After a long break we go on with our PadMember interviews and now it is Smiley’s turn. He is no longer a real PadMember, but anyway, he did a lot for the World of Padman. Read on: Reporter: Tell us something about yourself. Smiley: Err, I should tell something about myself. Well I am the […]

WoP Service News

Attention! Community board in the works

Some of you may have recognized that something is going on with the community board. This is due to Smiley working hard on the database and the board software to bring it up to date. Please be patient and do not be sad if you find the board in maintainance mode or completely offline. We […]

X-Mas mod for WoP News

X-Mas mod update

Winter comes every year at nearly the same time. And because Christmas is the highlight of this season, doomdragon and PaulR started to integrate the Christmas atmosphere into the World of Padman last year. On the 1st of December 2008 they released the X-Mas mod for World of Padman. Within the next few weeks dozens […]

Community portrait #2 – Phobos Phosphor

Reporter: How old are you? Phobos: Eighteen! R: When did you start playing WoP and how did you find it? P: Well, I think it must have been in the year 2006, as I tried the PadMod. But there was no server, so I played against the bots. ­čÖé How I found WoP? I was […]

CL starts the first CTF Cup

The Chaos Legion clan arranges the first Capture The Flag cup in late October. More precisely, the Cup will start on 25th of October and the registration deadline is: 20th October. If you now want to participate in this cup you should register to this forum www.clcups.de.vu and just post here (links are broken), that […]