WoP calendar 2004

These days we received a nice World of Padman calendar for the year 2004 from Bio][WsG, an expecting friend of PadMod. πŸ™‚ Bio][WsG created this nice calendar by using motives of the WoP page and since we really liked, with what some waiting WoP fan comes up with, we did not want to withhold this […]

Merry Christmas

Same procedure as every year, Santa Claus is coming! And what about the PadMod? No, it is not done yet, sorry. We all wanted to present it this Christmas, but we need some more time. Over the holidays most of the members will relax and enjoy the free time, but remember: we are always working […]

Side notes

Well, there are no new pictures, at least not, which would be of interest, sorry. Therefore, I thought, I’ll describe the current status. πŸ˜‰ At the moment we are in the process of putting together all the details and completing them accordingly. There are a lot of odds and ends, which we procrastinated for some […]

Killerduck in action News

Killerducks are coming

Today we got a pic for your, showing a Killerduck in action. πŸ˜‰ Maybe you think that it is a fake, because it really looks like the duck was added later, but it is a real ingame shot! We will work on the ducks more in time, not only to fit the look, but also […]

WoP PadMod Wallpaper by DoomDragon News

Wallpapers by DoomDragon

This time there is no new information about the mod, but rather a few titbits to shorten the waiting time a little. πŸ˜‰ The good DoomDragon has sat down and made some really cool wallpapers. Well, actually, he should work on the city for the little PadMovie, which appears as an intro when starting the […]

Interview on QuakersNet

These days, sh@dy from QuakersNet asked me for a short interview, which of course was about the PadMod. Since I did not mind of course and I was very pleased about the interest in our mod, I have also answered all the questions immediately that sh@dy sent me. So, do not let it stop you […]

Bubble G. weapon effect News

Herby was coding

Hey, the three to four days news break is already over … why don’t you say something? OK, sorry, but I was waiting for new material, or I wanted to post it as soon as it was fixed accordingly. Now it is time again. Our good Herby came up with some fantastic new effects. πŸ™‚ […]

Small interim report

Sorry, I’m a little late with the news, but there is a simple reason, we do not really have anything we can present to you. πŸ™ We are all waiting for a few things that were already halfway implemented, so there are more weapon effects, the Killerducks, new HUD screens, the menu and so on […]

First HUD screenshot News

Want a HUD?

Actually, we did not want to show this little baby, because it is not finished yet. But there is no other stuff to show, so here we go. This is our new HUD!!   After a long discussion and a lot of different ideas, we have chosen one HUD that we wanted to have in […]