LF vs. ASK - round 2 (source: Sauerbraten) News

Open clan fight LF vs. ASK

The WoP clans LF and ASK hold an open clan fight event with the support of free members from the [PAD]Community and finally here are the results. Round 1: Team Free For All (InstaPad) on Harm’s Huette –> L|F won 200 to 147 Round 2: Capture The Lolly on ENTE’s PadAsia –> L|F won 10 […]

WoP gameplay tutorials News

WoP gameplay tutorials

ENTE started a new YouTube channel DuckWire, where he’s playing and presenting several video games. Recently he also started to create tutorials (in German only) regarding World of Padman. The reason is that most people, who are presenting WoP in Let’s Plays or other presentations, scratch the surface of the game only, without showing its […]

Gronkh and Sarazar play WoP News

Gronkh and Sarazar played WoP

Gronkh and Sarazar, famous for their Let’s Play Together shows and YouTube-channels here in Germany, recently played World of Padman. You can watch the recorded live stream (in German only) of the show at YouTube. They present there the maps PadShop and Backyard and the game modes Free For All and Spray Your Color. We […]

Happy 10th Birthday ModDB News

ModDB turned 10 years old

A couple of days ago ModDB celebrated its 10th birthday and ten years is a very long lifetime compared to other websites. Believe it or not, no one had heard of Facebook or even Twitter at that time. For some of us, being members of ModDB since 2002, we have witnessed the different designs and […]

Gamescom 2010 News

Meet us at gamescom 2012

Three crazy members (watch the photo) of the WoP team met at gamescom in Cologne already in the year 2010. It is the largest international exhibition of video gaming in Europe. Two years later Doomdragon, ENTE and Kai-Li will meet there again on Thursday, August 16th 2012. If you want join us there, watch out […]

Ashley Appletree web comic (source: http://www.ashleyappletree.com) News

Ashley Appletree web comic

There is a new web comic, created by our talented Sebastian Henke, also known as Doomdragon. It’s an all ages comic about a little girl with the name Ashley Appletree. The first slides introduce Ashley and here family moving into a new house in Swampton. There she stumbles upon adventures and discovers something supernatural. Sebastian […]

Smokin' Guns 1.1 News

Four more for you

Some may have missed it: several very good quake engine based games had a major release during the last couple of weeks. These games are like World of Padman real free to play indie games, started as small projects, are in development for years now and open source for sure. All of them are available […]


Create a map for Spray Your Color

In this tutorial I want to show you what you need to get your map ready for the game type Spray Your Color. But before you start you should make sure that you have installed the latest version of World of Padman. I’m assuming that you know what Spray Your Color is and know how […]

Community Mapping Contest 2012 News

Mapping contest extended

Hey folks, long time no see. It’s been a while since we released our last news item and it shows that the handful of WoP team members are quiet busy these days. We like to thank you for all those emails, PMs and maps you have sent in, but we really would like to take […]