A WoP year in a review

Chrismas is over and the new year 2012 still lies ahead of us. 2011 was a WoP year with ups and downs and lots of releases. WoP 1.5 was released on December 28th 2010, followed by the 1.5.1 hotfix on January 24th and the hotfix on June 29th. Due to the WoP 2.0 release […]

WoP 1.6 unleashed

World of Padman 1.6. patch is released and available for download as an unified ZIP file containing binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. A DMG for Mac OS X and an installer for Windows will be provided soon. The new version solves some major game play issues and adds new features […]

Indie of the Year 2011 News

WoP is the Top 101 Indie of the Year 2011

Hey guys, it looks like we didn’t make it in the top 100 nominees for IndieDB’s Indie of the Year Awards for 2011. The competition is big these days and today INtense!, founder of ModDB, told us that we are ranked on place 101 and only one vote was missing to get in the top […]

Oregano4's Plane News

Fly with us in oregano4’s Plane

Some people out of the community know a guy called oregano4 from the editing forum. Back in early 2010 he presented some very first screen shots of his map project called “Plane”. We were really impressed by the high quality of the work and asked him to include his map into the last official release, […]

PaddyBee News

The sisters of PaddyBell

Did you know that PaddyBell has sisters? Here are some very first screen shots of BadPaddy and PaddyBee, two new and alternative skins for the PaddyBell player model. Like the name BadPaddy suggests, she is kind of a bad twin of PaddyBell. Definitely not a cute fairy, equipped with some sharp teeth to bite you […]

Indie of the Year 2011 News

Indie of the Year awards 2011 started

IndieDB kicks off the 2nd annual Indie of the Year awards on December 1st. Within the upcoming 10 days of phase 1 you can nominate us as a top 100 indie game. We’ll compete against more than 1,500 released indie games this year. From December 10th to December 20th voting booths are open for phase […]

WoP 1.5.5 beta News

WoP open beta weekend

We are having a World of Padman open beta weekend from Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th of November. To prepare the next official version of World of Padman, which should be released very soon, we want to share with you the last changes coming up with World of Padman 1.5.5 beta. Code work is finished […]

Desura demographics News

WoP Desura statistics

Since we smashed the number of a thousand World of Padman installs via Desura short time ago, we thought you might have a look at some statistics and how it is presented to game developers. We don’t know if a thousand single installs is a high or low number for an indie game but guess […]

Padman uncut News

Cartoon contest without Padman

The Cartoon Contest hosted by ANIMAX Germany moved to the next stage. It is a pity but ENTE’s Padman did not make it into the top 10 voting to win a guest part in the TV show “The Little Record Shop”. Maybe it is for the good of all because as far as we know […]