Advent Calendar 2018: Door #3

Paddy Toons #1 (Q3A) by PadGirl

It is advent season and every day we open another virtual door for you. So, let’s have a closer look what is waiting behind the third door.

Paddy Toons #1 (Q3A) by PadGirl

Paddy Toons #1 (Q3A)

The Paddy Toons Pack #1 contains six alternative skins for ENTE’s Padman made by PadGirl…

Behind the third door you can find the Paddy Toons Pack #1 created by PadGirl and it was released on June 16th, 2001. It contains six alternative skins for ENTE’s Padman and it was a contribution to the legendary Padman skin contest back in the days. With it comes SuperPad, PadPunk, PadClown, PadFleck, MagicPad and SantaPad.

More of such PadFiles you will find on our download page for Quake 3 Arena in the upcoming days. There you can find also instructions for installation.