It really made BOOOOM!

The third PadDay went off really well and completely overshadowed its predecessors. Already at 17:00 o’clock it started (or was it even earlier?) and it was fought mercilessly until 2:00 o’clock in the morning for each cartridge 🙂

That a PadDay could sometimes run so well, nobody would have thought. But there were always new players on Sunrabbits server, also a lot of WoP newcomers, who first had first to understand the SYC game principle and then afterwards to rule everyone. 😀

So it was a damn good PadDay and I think most of us would be happy to repeat that every now and then. 😉 A few screenshots for the third PadDay you will find again in the corresponding PadDay thread. Thanks to Aquarius and everyone else who cares so much for the PadDays!