Join the servers!?

All Seeing Eye Freeware

Where are they all the WoP gamers? Although the PadMod downloads really surprised us, as there were far more downloads than we dare to hope for, the servers are dead. 🙁 Hardly anyone is playing online, but here comes true fun, because the bot support makes no sense at the moment and so it is not helping to play the mod at home alone in a darkened room. 😉

Or maybe many players are uncertain and do not know how to find and join a WoP server? So we just want to recommend a nice tool called The All-Seeing Eye. This tool is shareware and allows you to keep track of all the servers. 🙂 You simply enter your nick, select the PadMod under Quake and press the refresh button. Afterwards all WoP servers will be displayed, as well as the maps that are currently running and which players are currently there. If you also want to take part in a match, it is enough that you just click on the server you want twice. 🙂


So, it is really easy and recommended to anyone who would like to play the WoP or other games/mods on the net!!!