New heads for the world #3

BioPad promotional preview

After a long break, we would like to introduce to you a new head model! It’s the head of the BioPad: you already know him, the green-grey Pad, who looks like a biologist with elastic suit and flared trousers. However, something has changed. The biological hazard trefoil has been substituted as a belt buckle with a radioactive hazard trefoil and he has got a new head. The head model was provided by doomdragon and expertly skinned by ENTE. 😉

Long ago it was debated in the team, if the BioPad should actually be called BioPad after the change of the belt buckle and gas mask, which is not too campy for WoP. But the model looks so cool that we decided to pass the idea and so the first (and only?) gas mask found its way into WoP. Also the majority of the team voted for the name BioPad and so a protracted name search was avoided. I want to close with a small video of the new inhabitant who hopefully finds fast access to our coloured world of pads and romps around with his new friends.