New music by Neurological

New music packs by neurological

Nicola Capecci aka Neurological produced the album “Painted Death” back in 2009 especially for World of PADMAN, which has been part of the standard installation since WoP 1.5. The soundtrack initially comprised seven, later nine unique tracks from the metal genre mixed with elements of hard rock.

World of PADMAN 1.7 will now include new music from him. Although the new tracks were not produced specifically for WoP, they bring a breath of fresh air and variety to the WoP soundtrack. The album “Milton Boulevard” from 2020 mixes metal with synthesiser sounds that are very reminiscent of science fiction films from the 80s. Seven longer tracks with a total playing time of over half an hour are offered here. The second album “Summer” from 2021 is a little quieter. The metal-heavy drum and guitar sounds are missing here, so it’s pure synthwave. It’s actually an EP, as the seven tracks are only a good quarter of an hour long. Both albums can already be found in full length on Nicola’s YouTube channel. Have a listen.

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