[PAD]DAY moves to PadWorld server

[PAD]DAY Revival

Some of you may have noticed that there is a new server “PadWorld” online. This server used to be our official World of Padman server from the WoP development team to hold the [PAD]DAYs. Hectic and I have been talking about it since last year to bring it back and to provide a clean WoP server 24/7 for all players out there to join, whether they are experienced or not. Also Hectic wanted to focus with his FunServer again more on custom maps, so a decision was made. As of today, [PAD]DAY moves to the new PadWorld server.

[PAD]DAY | Every 1st Sunday of the month at 7:00 pm (CET)
PadWorld | All Maps & Games Types

The configuration has been adjusted slightly to allow faster map rotation. The time limit has been reduced to 10 minutes and the point limit of the game modes adjusted accordingly. Last Pad Standing now starts with 8 lives (+1 every 5 frags).

Since Hectic continues to support the WoP team very intensively in the administration of the new server, you can expect the same professional support and reliability that you are used to from the FunServer. Although we expect no negative surprises for tonight, never say never. It’s the baptism of fire, so to speak. If there are any problems, we always meet in the forum of the [PAD]Community on ModDB.

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