Padman Superstar – the WoP 3D intro!!!

WoP 3D intro movie

Only one week left, until we are going to release this PadMod. To give you a short example, on how hard we worked on the mod and how many detailed work was made, we have a special download for you today!

Heiko Klüh and DoomDragon did a 3d intro and this one is an excellent piece of work. Especially DoomDragon spent very much time to add a lot of detail into the movie and his PC was rendering for hours. So look very closely. Heiko was the one who did all the sound stuff for this movie and all the little sounds add a cool atmosphere to the movie.

Tomorrow evening, we are going to release the music pack for the PadMod, so you can download the first 100 MB. 😉

(Translation by Harmonieman)