Participate in the Paddays 2023

[PAD]DAY Revival

We hope you had a great Christmas together with the people who are important to you and we also take a little time before the development of World of Padman continues next year.

Unfortunately, we can’t make any statements regarding a release yet, so the motto is still: “When it’s done!”. Some of you might have noticed that there was only little progress in the corresponding Github repository in the last six months, which is due to the private situation of some PadMembers. But in general we have been holding back with announcements about the state of development. We hope to be able to change this in the coming year and remain confident, because after all World of Padman will be 20 years old in 2024 and that literally calls for a 20th Anniversary Edition.

Until then, we hope that you will continue to play our game together, and you can always do that on Paddays, which is always on the first Sunday of a month. We are continuing this tradition in the new year. Since the first Padday in 2023 falls on January 1st, we invite you all to celebrate the new year with us. We will meet at 7pm (CET) on the PadWorld server ( and some of us will also be present via Discord voice chat. We are looking forward to meeting you and wish you a happy new year!

Your WoP Team