Three PADMAN Skins for WoP 1.7

PADMAN skins for WoP 1.7

World of PADMAN 1.7 will bring three more skins for the PADMAN model. These are well-known skins and two of them no longer need to be downloaded separately.

HellPad, which was originally created by Mario “Shocker” Perez Leal for Quake 3 with great attention to detail, was already part of the last PadMod update from 2004 and has now been playable again with the current version of WoP for almost 2 years. The skin gets a tiny bugfix with WoP 1.7. The PadClassic skin, intended as a tribute to the early appearance of PADMAN from the comic of the same name, should not be missed. The red X on the belt buckle and the green arm and trouser cuffs are his trademarks. Apart from the rather normal sunglasses, because the Pad logo, which today gives PADMAN’s sunglasses their shape, did not yet exist in 1998. PadClassic has been available for WoP 1.6 for about 1 1/2 years.

As a real innovation, PElvis aka. PadElvis by Camilla “milla” Koutsos will now be back. He was originally created and released for Quake 3 as part of the legendary PADMAN skin contest. He was last part of WoP 1.1, the standalone release from 2007, and now we are happy to have all three on board. On the screenshots you can also admire a first draft of the new player menu in 16:9 widescreen format. You should notice the much larger grid with 12 skins instead of the previous 3 and the display of 6 model icons instead of 4. This is not the only reason why it is now much quicker to navigate through the menu, as the arrows now switch page by page when clicked and no longer just icon by icon.

Unfortunately, we can’t announce any new skins for other models at the moment, but we’ll stay tuned. Your WoP-Team