We are still here

We are really sorry, if nothing happens on our site … we are a bit sloppy in this regard. But even if we hardly announce news on our side, it does not mean that we have already cancelled the mod. Let me just briefly list what has happened recently. 😉

We have finally found someone for the animations and this is the good DemonPrincess. She is already busy and currently animating our MonsterPad. Then there is our DoomDragon, which is taking care about the rendered 3D movies (the first results look really delicious) and there is our MopAn, which comes with a brand new, really fantastic map. In addition, our coders raute and Herby were busy again. So raute could almost finish the HUD and Herby provided new weapon effects.

At the moment we keep the December in mind and we try our best to finally deliver something tangible by Christmas. 😉 New screenshots are hopefully coming soon. So, please do not give up the hope. Oh, um, of course, all information without guarantee … :mrgreen: