BOINC is a solution for donating your computers idle time to help with scientific research projects via your screen saver. At the time of writing there are over 600,000 people world wide participating in BOINC. The stats pages being heavily visited, and with the top teams attracting attention we just could not miss the opportunity to promote World of Padman around the world in return for some of our wasted CPU cycles. So, we set up some WoP teams with BOINC projects (Seti, Rosetta, LHC, QMC, BBC, Climate Prediction). 🙂

BOINC statistics of the WoP team

BOINC statistics of the WoP team

At this time the WoP team is almost in the top 20 in Germany for Rosetta@home, a protein folding project which aims to find cures for major human diseases. Also with the project QMC@home of the University of Münster, we could be right at the front, as it was recently started!

We would be very happy about your support! More information can be found in the forum.

(Translation by IG)