Community portrait #2 – Phobos Phosphor

Reporter: How old are you?
Phobos: Eighteen!

R: When did you start playing WoP and how did you find it?
P: Well, I think it must have been in the year 2006, as I tried the PadMod. But there was no server, so I played against the bots. 🙂 How I found WoP? I was looking for some custom maps for Quake 3 Arena and found PadKitchen, which was created for Quake 3. ENTE posted some screenshots of his PadMaps in the editing forum, and I saw that these maps were not for Quake 3 when I downloaded some of them, and tried to play them in Quake 3. 😀 I saw nothing but missing textures, so I loaded the whole modification. 😉

R: At the time, do you think, you were able to call yourself a part of the community?
P: What do mean with “at the time”? As I tried the mod, or as I posted the first screens of my room map?

R: At the time when you tried the modification.
P: No, no then. As WoP was released on the first of April, I think I was the first one, who tried the stand alone. I got on Harm’s nerves to get the download link. I think it was at 3 o’clock pm that I could download the stand alone … Sure, at first I was all about making it but I somehow stopped from lack of desire to play. I then came to play again, when I was a beta tester for WoP 1.2.

R: OK, but now we may no longer see you as a community member, you may take more of a place of pride in the community as a mapper, or how do you see it?
P: It is a matter of opinion, but if you get offered a place of honour you won’t say no. In principle, everyone was supposed to get a place as an honourably member for WoP, who has campaigned for the community. WoP is ready for an award from the GamesCon, from my perspective. I mean, each member of WoP basically sacrificed his spare time and needs to, just so we can have a good time. And they helped to develop such a community.

R: What do you imagine concerning WoP 2.0?
P: Obviously a single player mode, which references it to other games like Tomb Raider and Duke Nukem, and their distinctive maps in an arena, then you attempt to defeat them. 😀 But I know that this is too much work and I can understand the whole team will be happy if WoP 2.0 is released. I know it from my own art, if you draw at a picture for several days, I will get fed up with it and just can not see it any more. I believe it is the same with the developers and their stuff. But I also hope WoP continues to live by the community and that there will always be new maps, map objects, player models, music packs and mods created by the community.

R: Tell me briefly about yourself.
P: What can I say, my past 7-10 class was just influenced by my illness :\. I was an outsider for a long time. But it has changed now, as I was looking for (and even found!) new friends. Like the community has seen, I like drawing and mapping, if I may say so. 🙂 Mapping has also became a passion and I am working at the moment with modelling for map objects. I am now attending grade 11 in secondary school and try my final secondary-school examinations somehow to study later art and graphic, and then switch to game design. 🙂

R: What do you like most about WoP?
P: About WoP, I like just the detail. Who would not know the posters that are available from the doctor? Where are certain objects, such as the hedgehog, frog, or the red ball? These were full of detail, and detail reflects the reality for me. But in general I may say: the maps, sounds and textures. 🙂

R: Have you ever contributed anything to World of Padman?
P: I think I have made sure that the old Kai-Li Tutorial is back, so it is available to save map object catalogue. I put together the map pack with a little help from The Brain as well. I also helped at the beginning of the community and took part in the beta test of the 1.2 patch. Well, and a couple of maps, from helping people and the times of which I played WoP, in ICQ. But no more.

R: What suggestions do you have for WoP?
P: Suggestions? Rewrite the engine so that the shadows are automatically fine and do not have long compile times. Perhaps even something like bump mapping, so that the structures would also come out correctly. 🙂 But that is far too much work.

R: What is your favourite server?
P: Wow, good question. I am engaged at the moment only with the school. On the server name I cannot remember because I haven’t played for long time … But basically I have no favourite servers.

R: What is your favourite weapon?
P: Favourite weapon? Betty!

Reporter: And why?
Phobos: Because Betty is like the rocket launcher in Quake 3.

Reporter: And what makes the rocket launcher in Quake 3 so special, why do you like it so much?
Phobos: For the Betty you need something like a feeling that one should acquire first. It is just fun to watch when the opponent is hit in the air from the Betty. 😀

Reporter: What is your favourite map?
Phobos: My favourite maps are Harm’s Diner and Cyben’s CybBath. 🙂 But actually, my own maps.