Goodbye Pappy-R

Pappy-R & Cali Girl

Some of you maybe noticed that Pappy-R leaves Planet Quake and steps back from writing news and articles on other sites like Planet Wolfenstein and Planet Doom too. Planet Quake is famous for being one of the first sites on the web posting news about Quake games and related mods since more then a decade. Pappy-R started posting news about the PadMod back in 2002. Although Jube was taking over writing news on Planet Quake for a couple of years Pappy-R didn’t forget about us after Jube left the stage. He continued writing news about the World of Padman and so does The Happy Friar after Pappy-R leaves now.


On you can find a nice interview with Pappy-R about his Doom and Quake times and web pages recorded in 2009.


All we can say is: thanks for your support through the years. Goodbye and farewell Pappy-R. First Jube, now Pappy-R. The ranks are thinning out. We hope to see you online somewhere playing WoP.

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