WoP CTL evening on Hectics PCS

We would like you to mark Sunday, October 23, 8:00pm (GMT) in your calendar, since the [Pad]Community decided to play Capture The Lolly on Hectics Public Custom Server. The event is organized by Hectic and the goal is to play CTL all evening, but with a few restrictions: teams will be fixed and set up right on that day. This way we do not get any team-hoppers or winning-team-joiners. Besides, we would only have players who actually know how to play CTL. To join is simple! Just reply in the WoP forum with “I want to be part of it!”. However please be certain that you’ll be there and consider that the event will last approx. 1.5 hours. A “registration” is required to prepare the server and send out passwords. For more information check the announcement.

Update: Teams are selected now. There are 20 players taking part. Have fun.

Blue team:
The Brain, Terminator, Deseiter, 3aTmE, Blu, Kingnils, GLL, D-Master, Psychic-pad, Pada, Feuerkrieger, PadOptera

Red team:
Face, Sauerbraten, Hectic, Tryhard, No-Chill, Suse, Arock, Wentolo, mch, Toxie, me!, noconnection