HTML professional wanted

As you may have noticed, we always neglect our website a bit. The news is rare and the other pages are hardly updated, although it is very necessary, since they are no longer up to date. This is just too much work for me, I have too much to do with the mod, and I always have a hard time editing the PadMod page regularly.

Unfortunately, we do not have anyone who could do it, so I thought to myself, I’ll ask if there is someone here who not only wants to take over the news (English and German), but also could revise or completely redesign the entire site (I’ve already got my approximate ideas).

I’d like to have the site in a slightly more professional look, with an attractive design, a better overview and of course a “Pic of the Week”. Should anyone feel like it and also feel confident to maintain the site over a longer period, I would be glad to hear from him. 🙂

PS: Check out the PadMod forum, there is something new about the Hud design. 😎