An animator is still needed!!!

PiratPad concept

Yes, we are still looking for a talented guy, who can help us with the animation of our PadFamily. Gogitason is finishing FunnyPad and plans to create PiratPad and that is the reason why we start the search once again. 😉

Some of you may ask, why we are still creating models without having an animator who can bring them to “life”. The problem is that Gogitason can ‘only’ create the models and skin them, but is not able to animate them. But he wants to work and so we descided to let him work, becasue all what is done helps us proceeding. :mrgreen:

So, if someone is out there, who could help us with the animations, plz email us! If you do not have much time, we also would be thankfull if someone could implent the standart id animations to our models! 😉

(Translation by Harmonieman)