Interim report

Even if things are slow again, there is one who is working intensely. 😉 This diligent member is no less than our main coder raute, which will surprise us shortly with his latest code update. This not only means that we are taking a decisive step further, but also that there will be a lot of new screenshots coming soon.

As it looks like at the moment, most of the powerups have been implemented, so you can fly at the touch of a button or let the killer ducks run (of course, everything is not completely free of bugs yet). There will be a nice zoom hud for our Splasher (sniper weapon), the new sound files are built in … OK, we can not show them on the screenshots … * g *, first weapons effects were assigned to the respective weapons, and, and, and … Of course, we in the team can hardly wait to try the new version. :mrgreen:

Furthermore, raute has also started working on the menu and he will also take care of the hud. The poor guy has a lot to do right now. This news is a big step forward for us, which will hopefully get some members out of their sleep, so we can finally finish this project. :mrgreen:

Oh yes, in the next, fat news update (maybe this weekend), next to the more detailed information / screenshots of the current code, there will be also brand new map screenshots and a new and alternative PadLilly skin and the first screenshots to the new LoadingStation, which is already fully functional.