PadArt section is online

PadSketch by ENTE

Everyone seems to have one, an art section that shows up first ideas and sketches. The only mod that has no art section yet seems to be the PadMod. But wait, we work with sketches too, so let us put them on this page. 😉

ENTE put some old ones and some new ones together and you can find the art works by clicking “Pictures” on the left. Besides some well know arts, you can find some really new stuff, for example the new LoadingStation and the PadShield. 😎


By the way, ENTE also updated the weapons and the menu sections, all the other sections will be up to date soon. Ohh, and we will have a big news update soon, because we worked hard and have enough stuff to present. 🙂

(Translation by Harmonieman)