Killerducks are coming

Killerduck in action

Today we got a pic for your, showing a Killerduck in action. 😉 Maybe you think that it is a fake, because it really looks like the duck was added later, but it is a real ingame shot! We will work on the ducks more in time, not only to fit the look, but also to get them working better. At the moment they are only able to navigate on plane floors and they cannot overcome obstacles. So our coder will work on it and we hope to see them jumping and using teleporters soon.

The Killerducks are a holdable-item, collecting it will give you five ducks. Using it is easy, just push the use key and a duck is on its way. But be careful, the ducks make no difference between friend and enemy. So if you are paying attention, they may hunt you instead of the opponent! :mrgreen:


(Translation by Harmonieman)