Side notes

Well, there are no new pictures, at least not, which would be of interest, sorry. Therefore, I thought, I’ll describe the current status. 😉

At the moment we are in the process of putting together all the details and completing them accordingly. There are a lot of odds and ends, which we procrastinated for some time and we finally need to take care about now. It is about the many icons, the medals, the last map object textures, the sound files, the last menu motives, the level shots, and and and … All the work that is not really fun, but finally has to be completed.

Our lead coder has put a lot of effort to reconcile everything at the moment and has already made quite some progress. DoomDragon is working diligently on the final details of the 3D intro movie and some of the mappers are working a little bit on their maps. Well, basically, most of them just wait for the next code update to pop up and then to compile the maps one last time. 😉 Maybe I will update the map pictures section shortly. Unfortunately I have to announce that the maps SLoBTown and GreensShed will not be included in the first beta. At the moment it looks like they will not be finished any more. 🙁