Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

The clock is ticking: you’ve just finished unwrapping the gifts from last Christmas and the next Christmas has already arrived! 🙂 Whoaaa! Where has the time gone 😉

Our plan was to release our mod on the 24th of December. We really wanted to do so, but we underestimated the time that is needed to build a quality mod. At the moment it looks like we still need a lot of time to finish it, sorry for that.

To finish the work needed to bring the mod to you “the players” is demanding! We want to bring you some of the best work we can do and we are always striving for better work, we are doing as much as we can. We all have full time jobs, so our time is even more valuable when we spend it on the mod. 😉
Our mod is not just a simple conversion, it is a whole new gameplay and player animations will all be new, this is the stuff that takes the time and of course making sure that what we have to offer is good quality stuff for the mod.

Therefore it is very admirable how many people have come together, still spending every (not quite 😉 ) free minute to finish the project, although it is very often delayed. The first alpha will come, believe me *g. Motivation within the team is not easy given that we all have our own lives to live and believe us we are not holding out on you all. 😉 Some members have left for personal reasons and although it is sad that they leave, we wish them the very best in the future.

Only the hard core mod members remain until the end and nobody knows when we’ll ever reach the end. 😉 Hopefully soon 😉 Never, as this mod is not going to end soon! We will be thinking of the newest q3-engine game coming out soon and will be porting the mod over to that game so that we can keep the PadMod uptodate with getting it to as many gamers as we can. 🙂

What is sad is that despite our requests for a player character animation guru, we still have not filled this position. 🙁 Our mod requires new animation poses for the new weapons and this means that all animations need to be done from scratch, this is the work for many people but to get the animations done right, consistent and of quality build we need a dedicated person to do this work for all our great Pad characters. If anyone has the time, experience and is willing then please help us to finish off this great mod full of character. 🙂

We want to thank you out there. We are very proud that you are still faithful, hopeful and waiting for a first public beta. You are the ones, that let us know, that what we are doing is not wasting time. 🙂 We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The PadMod-Team

(Translation by Harmonieman)