Monshterush Tipsh

In World of Padman you really have to hit the ground running, because from start to finish each WoP game is a survival situation with no prospect of shelter or rescue, especially from our tricky egocentric “seek and destroy” bots. Fundamentally, you have two choices, a) take the empirical approach, pointlessly learning the hard way, or, b) free yourself from discombobulation by learning the art of WoPfare.

To kick start this process, I have persuaded our sporting and seasoned player Psychic_Pad to level the playing field with some pukka WoP personal survival tips so you can avoid being mowed down, and so stave off a good owning. His tips will cover, among other things FFA, SYC, BB, weapon handling, basic strategies, advanced strategies, and the importance and use of powerups. However, you will have to wait until our new world wide wop site goes live. 😉

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