More Power! hrhrhr

PadPower powerup

Today we want to present you our Powerups and give some further information about them. The new screenshots are showing the Powerup models and the 2D icons, which can we seen in the Pictures/Powerups section.

Some of our Powerups have the same function as the ones in Quake 3 Arena. The ViSiONLESS is nothing more than Q3A’s Invisibility and the REViVAL is equal to Q3A’s Regeneration. But of course we have other new Powerups and Items, too. The JUMPER for example let you jump around like a rabbit and the PADPOWER is a combination of Q3A’s Quad and BattleSuit. The FLOATER is our flight powerup, but you decide when to use it, because it is a holdable item! 😉 The Killerducks are our most original item and we are really proud to have them in the mod. Theses little ducks run around in the room and bite everyone who’s is near them. :mrgreen:


All these Powerups are done by more than 90% and there are only few things to be fixed. One of rautes tasks at the moment is to give the ducks a better navigation through the maps. 🙂

(Translation by Harmonieman)