Status update

It has been some time since the last status update, sorry. But we are working on the mod to fix the last few things before an alpha or beta test can start.

Raute is coding like a rabbit and he has implemented the music for the menu and fixed some weapons with the last code update. Now he is working on all the other little bugs we know. Our movie man DoomDragon has done a nice little movie including MonsterPad and our special feature the Killerducks. He will try to finish the WoP-Movies within the next two weeks. All the mappers, Harmonieman, Cyben, MopAn, Glowstar and ENTE, are fixing the last details in their maps and Herby is going to present us the last GFX effects soon. Besides his maps, ENTE has finalized the last skins of the mapobjects, including the shaders and is now working on the level shots and menu art. Sounds like a final version soon, but we don’t know, maybe Christmas. 😉 Sorry, just a joke. We all know that you want to download something and that is why we decided to ask gecko to help us doing a PadMod trailer. This one will be done and we will post a link here asap.

(Translation by Harmonieman)