New community map from 3aTmE!

Backyard Kerfuffle by 3aTmE!

Yes, there is a new community map for World of PADMAN by 3aTmE! called Backyard Kerfuffle. It was released a month ago, but that gave 3aTmE! the time to test his map and iron out some bugs in the meantime. So there was already a small update.


Backyard Kerfuffle actually started as a test map for a water shader and developed into a small but nice 1vs1 map within a weekend. It can also be enjoyed with up to four players. Since this map uses some features of the OpenGL2 renderer, which was first introduced with WoP 1.6.1, it is recommended to turn it on as well to benefit from certain graphical effects! You can find more information and the download link on the Backyard Kerfuffle addon page.

We wish you a lot of fun with the new community map.