Catch The Killerduck in the making

New game type Catch The Killerduck

Almost a year ago, we asked you which game types you would like to see in future WoP versions. According to the survey, the result was clear and you would like to see the game type Catch The Killerduck in addition to the already announced Freeze Tag. This game type is based on Catch The Chicken for Quake2 and Quake3 and the game principle of our implementation is quickly explained:

The goal is to collect the Killerduck holdable on a map as fast as possible and to hold it as long as possible, because you get points for that. Once you have the Killerduck in your hands, however, you are at the mercy of the other players. You’ll get maximum health and armor, but you won’t be able to use any weapons. So you have no choice but to run and skillfully dodge the attacks of the other players who also want to grab the Killerduck. You’ll be helped by a higher running and jumping speed and the possibility to continue collecting all the powerups. Hiding in the map, on the other hand, won’t help you, because the Killerduck squawks loudly every time you score a point and leaves an oil trail in the map that the other players can easily follow. If you lose the Killerduck, it can either be collected directly by an opponent or it respawns after a short time in another place on the map.


Much of what we have envisioned for this game type has already been implemented in the last few days and weeks, and we are now fine-tuning it. Unfortunately we had to throw some of our first ideas overboard. For example, the idea that a player can randomly turn into a Killerduck and move around the map as one, turned out to be too complex to implement. Also, the attackers are not limited to just the Punchy and the Killerduck holder can’t blow himself up if he wants to.

Finally, as a fun fact, ENTE described the game type as Catch The Baby back in the year 2002 and already wanted to implement it with the PadMod. Here, too, a player was supposed to suddenly transform by chance into a small, rather ugly, diaper-wearing baby that was unarmed but could run faster and jump higher. Even though we are now abandoning the PadBaby idea, we are happy to finally be able to implement this game type in WoP after more than 20 years.

Your WoP Team