No Award … *sniff*

Well, noch chance to win the GIGA Games Award. The PadMod did not even make it into the top 5 in the end (that’s 6th place … hehe). It’s a pity, of course, but we know that PadMod is still the fattest FunMod. :mrgreen:

But what I really find sad, even a real disgrace, is the way GIGA has awarded the award for the best mod. Instead of presenting the mod team with the prize, the prize was handed over to the publisher of Battlefield in 1942. 🙁 Imagine, a musician would write a hit and then the instrument manufacturer would get a prize for it. LOL I do not understand where the meaning of this mod award is, so I’m a little sorry for the winning team. Nevertheless, of course our congratulations to the team of Battlefield 1942 – Desert Combat. 😎