Spray action

4th Padday Action

Also this Sunday it went right down to business and it was sprayed as much as possible. The server was filled to the brim again, which partly turned the rounds into absolute chaos. With 12 players in the PadAttic was really hell. I have never felt this hard this weekend. Did you practice secretly? 😉 In any case, I could not achieve anything. 😀

Again, many new players came in, who apparently had never played the mod before. At this point also a greeting to Spain. 😉 So there are actually more interested WoP gamers. Why only we do not get the servers in the week a bit fuller?


The good Aquarius, whom I hereby welcome as a new news poster, will support us and he would be glad if you could also help a little or provide suggestions, which could help to fill the servers more often than just at the weekend. 😎