No bot support?!

Unfortunately, we currently do not know at the moment how we should handle the bot support, because we could not deal with this problem until now due to time constraints. It looks like there will not be a bot support for the game type Spray Your Color in the first beta … unfortunately. Although you will be able to play with bots, the bots do not know what to do. They do not know that they can charge themselves on the loading stations and they do not know that they have to spray logos in the spray room. In normal FFA or team deathmatch, as well as in Last Pad Standing, if this game type will be implemented into the first beta, there should be no problems. Well, apart from the problem with the loading stations.

Our coder raute would like to take care of the issue, but he does not know when he will come to. At the moment he really has enough other things to do. But if someone is out there familiar with the subject of bot support, we would be glad about any help. 😉